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*&rea LaYne*

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[Apr. 27th, 2007|03:33 pm]
*&rea LaYne*
I realize that no one reads this but I thought i would post anyway if for no reason other than to be able to re-visit this later. Work is boring i have nothing to do...there is a little over an hour left until i can get out of here. tonight we are going to dinner with Bryan and John most likely at LaTavola which i am looking forward to. this weekend and the following are going to be quite busy...tomorrow i coach soccer at 11 then at some point need to go to springfield to bring all of my antiques home from my booth at the sprinfield antique center...sunday we have a soccer game at 3 and are more than likely going to have dinner at my moms with jimmy and lisa because they are in town. Next weekend will be extremly overwhelming...Kevin is taking my uncle to an OSU baseball game and would like for me to come we have our soccer game and the kids soccer game, i am doing the powell antique festival with sue who owns paris flea market...i guess mtv is coming to film at our house next sunday after our soccer game because dave and sammera are going to be on engaged and underage...they want to film us having game night at our place because it has become our weekly tradition...i think the whole thing is really funny actully i cant believe she even applied to be on the show. i cant wait to see the episode when it is finished...